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Choose A Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash, Remodel Your Kitchen & Add the Perfect Decor & Furniture to Bring Out Your Dream Kitchen!

Do you need a kitchen backsplash? Before answering that question it's important to know what exactly backsplashes are. These are sections of material that are attached to walls located behind a counter, sink, or stove. As their name suggests, people use them to protect their wallpaper or painted walls from "splashes" that occur during cooking, and to add visual appeal.

The biggest benefit of backsplashes for kitchens is that they can help to safeguard the wall or wallpaper behind your countertop, sink, or stovetop. While the results of cooking can be fantastic, the process itself can be quite messy. By installing them in your kitchen, you can keep particular areas in the room clean from water, oil, and so on. Like other regions in our homes, the investments we make are certainly worth protecting. And since cooking can be an untidy process, it makes sense to invest in them.


Another major benefit of kitchen backsplashes is that they're available in a wide array of colors and styles. This means that regardless of the color scheme or theme of your kitchen, you can complement it by choosing particular styles. This versatility means that you won't have to worry about them creating an awkward appearance.

Here are some popular brands of backsplashes for kitchens:

  * American Florim
  * American Olean
  * Anatolia
  * Ceramica D'Imola
  * Esquire
  * Florida Tile
  * Marazzi
  * Nova Bell
  * Orchid
  * US Ceramics

When choosing backsplashes, these tips can help to choose the right one:

1. Complement your kitchen decor

You'll likely be able to accomplish that mission, due to the different styles and colors that backsplashes are available in. For instance, if you want to create a particular color scheme or theme in your kitchen, then you can use one to help create them. Backsplashes are available in traditional and contemporary styles, and in virtually every color of the rainbow. So you can easily mix and match different colors and styles to match your current décor.

2. Do your research

The perfect backsplash is out there. It's just a matter of searching in the right places. Home improvement magazines and books are excellent choices. Flip through them to get some ideas for potential types that you could add to your own kitchen. When you visit friends' and relatives' homes, keep your eyes peeled for types they've they've installed. And of course-surf the Internet!

2. Choose a material

Some of the materials used to produce backsplashes include stainless steel, ceramic tile, and granite. Before choosing a particular backsplash model, compare the pros and cons of each type of material. For instance, are you more concerned about form or function-or are both equally important to you?

3. Set a budget

This will help you to avoid spending more than you can actually afford. And remember that a budget is only useful if you avoid going over it!

4. Complement your current décor

Choose a backsplash whose color and style will complement the current décor in your kitchen. For instance, would a neutral or vibrant color be more appropriate?

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash
Stainless steel has a trendy, "New York" type of feel. It has several benefits and seems to be the most popular choice for restaurants and commercial settings. It seems to be gaining popularity in homes as well...

Kitchen Tile Backsplash 
Tiles are definitely one of the best choices, since they are so versatile and available in a variety of different designs and materials. Tiles can be customized to fit almost any size area...

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash 
Mosaic is an artistic pattern that tops the list as the most popular backsplash design. There are literally thousands of mosaic patterns ranging from low to high-priced...

Kitchen Backsplash Glass 
Glass has gained the favor of many, and if offers a host of advantages. Typically, many upscale backsplashes are made of glass, although you can definitely find many within a reasonable price range.

Kitchen Backsplash Mural
Murals are basically paintings of anything from plants & flowers to scenery and landscape. These are also the most high-end or pricey, typically not for the budget-conscious.

Granite Kitchen Backsplash
By far, the most "all natural" and expensive material available, but oh so beautiful. Perfect blend of durability, functionality, and looks, granite is an investment that will instantly raise the value of any property.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs
Do you want to get a great, brief overview of all the major types of designs & materials available? Then visit this section first to get a good feel on the different things you can with your "splash"

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas & Pictures
So you're really looking for something unique and awe-inspiring... On this page, we show you some beautiful pictures & ideas that are sure to take your breath away.

Kitchen Decor Area

Great Kitchen Ideas - Make It the Ideal Room
There are many different decorating kitchen ideas, from simple things to help liven your most used room, to complete makeovers. With so many different themes to choose from, as well as websites offering help, where to start can often be a little overwhelming. Here are simple basics that will help you narrow it a bit...

Kitchen Clocks - The Missing Timepiece to Decorate
There are so many different kinds of kitchen clocks out there that the choices can often be a bit overwhelming. There are traditional large faced designs that just tell the time, different kinds of cuckoo clocks, and other clocks that serve a multitude of functions. There are some unique designs as well, like ones that have silverware attached to the outside of them in a sun pattern, ones that are made on plates with a variety of different backgrounds, and even vintage styles to choose from...

Kitchen Wall Clocks: Visible, Attractive & "Timely"
When we cook, time is of the essence. For cooking, the most practical option is a digital timer. We simply need to set the timer, and then let the gadget do its thing. However, we also need to know the actual time, to determine when it's time to serve the food. For that purpose, large wall clocks, including kitchen wall clocks, are ideal...

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Kitchen Design Area

Ideas for Kitchen - The Right Designs, Colors & Materials
Ideas for kitchen are never the same for every home and every family. There may be some kitchen designs, colors, and materials that are the same, but the use of kitchens by different kinds of people changes and defines these rooms over time. They truly reflect the cooking, dining, and living habits and styles of the people in a particular house...

Kitchen Island Designs - Basic to Intricate Designs for Your Needs
Kitchen island designs vary with the needs and styles of families who use them, but the basic functions of these facilities that often have to do with the food preparation and storage are generally the same. Space also plays a major part in one's choice to come up with the best design that complements functionality. There are big kislands and there are the cart-type kitchen islands which can be set aside at the end of a busy day...

Kitchen Floor Plans for Flawless Design
The rule of thumb in the 1950s was to always have a ‘work triangle' that created a methodical area where the stove, refrigerator, countertop area and sink were all within easy walking distance without having to backtrack. Kitchen floor plans of today still abide by this rule of keeping a triangular area free and organized for movement while preparing meals but a lot has been added.

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Kitchen Remodel Area

Used Kitchen Cabinets - Fine Remodeling on a Budget
Used kitchen cabinets are a great way to remodel your kitchen, especially if you are on a budget. They are also keeping in with Green awareness, because you are using and recycling a product that may otherwise just be thrown away. Many times these used cabinets are still great, just gently used. Even if some work has to be done on them, they are much more cost effective than having to buy your cabinets new. Cabinets are often the second most expensive upgrades, second only to new modern appliances.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets - High Durability with Low Maintenance
As time moves forward, trends appear and reappear given enough time, like bell bottoms or tall hair. Metal kitchen cabinets were a big deal in the 1930's luxury kitchen and here in 2010, they have become all the rage once more, even in common ones that just need nice clean space. Once only a clean white, they also now come in any color or plain stainless steel gray that you can dress up with different metal accents and windows.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Good-Looking, Cost Effective Alternative
Can you imagine storing your cooking materials in a room other than the kitchen? It's more practical to store stuff that we need for cooking and eating, in painted kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Furniture Area

Kitchen Dresser - Extra Storage & Better Looks
A kitchen dresser is like extra storage space for a kitchen. It works for both large and small kitchens to provide some extra storage as well as add to the overall look. This piece of furniture usually features shelves and a closed storage area. It may be various sizes, colors and have different design details. The variety of kitchen dressers available makes it easy to find the right one.

Kitchen Carts and Islands - The Harmony Between Looks, Entertaining & Storage
Just about everyone needs or wants a little extra counter or storage space in their kitchen. Kitchen carts and islands are a great way to do just that. They can be as simple as an small cart that can hold that microwave and keep it off your counter, to elaborate ones with sinks, a cook top, and plenty of cabinets and drawers to store you extra appliances or dishes.

Kitchen Island Furniture to Create an Awesome Welcome
Islands placed in the center of your kitchen can add dramatic style to your room and give you several functional features at the same time.  Kitchen island furniture can include such pieces like pull out or island top cutting boards, small bar sink, wine racks, stoves or dishwashers.  Bar stools will set off your island by using compatible colors or a touch of drama to your entire room.

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